Texas Monthly BBQ Passport

Texas Monthly is a great magazine that goes into the many wonderful things about Texas, and it also has good reporting on current events. From a travel blogger’s perspective it gives me a ton of ideas on places to visit. From a Texas resident perspective it keeps me informed on what is going on in the state.

When it comes to travel ideas, they published a booklet with the top 50 BBQ joints scattered throughout Texas. They dubbed it the “BBQ Passport” and then issued a challenge to get a sticker at each of the BBQ joints listed in the book. There are some prizes included upon completion of certain parts of the passport.

One of the great things about the State of Texas is its BBQ and smoked meat in general. I’ve already made a 100 mile road trip for jerky, so I’m looking to take up this challenge and hit up as many BBQ joints as I can. You should start seeing individual places popping up on my blog, and hopefully I’ll be able to show you every single BBQ joint on the list. In other words Texas Monthly, challenge accepted!

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