Texas Snow Day

Being a native Cheesehead, I definitely have experienced a few snow days in my lifetime. I found it interesting when I was checking the weather and I saw that it was 70 degrees and there was a winter storm warning:

Now I’m used to 6-8 inches of snow being business as usual. I think the threshold to cancel schools because of the cold is the wind chill has to exceed -36. At my last job, my schedule was 5am to 2pm. This meant I’d often hit the roads prior to the snowplows getting to them. When I was hitting the roads that early in the morning, they were just getting the main roads open but some of the side roads I had to travel were unplowed. It was definitely a test of my driving skills!

This is the side of the road drifting into the road last time I visited Wisconsin in February:

Who needs roads? I drove my car out on the ice to my buddy’s ice shack:

Last night, it did cool down fast and rain hard. It was windy and the weather itself was pretty nasty. One benefit of working for the State of Texas is, if the local schools call off school, our offices close. Well I found out about 8:30PM last night that Austin ISD was closing the next day. That meant I got my first Texan snow day!

Well I woke up around 6:30am to see how bad it was and it was still dark and windy. It didn’t seem like it was raining hard but the temperature was below freezing so I’m assuming it was icy. I did what any teenager would do on a snow day, I went back to bed.

I woke up around 9AM and decided to go for a drive to check things out. It actually turned into a really nice day. It was nice and sunny but still cold and windy. Nothing I’d really consider too snow day worthy but obviously the standards are different here and ice is definitely dangerous:

They do take freezing weather seriously as this was put on the lawns outside my apartment:

I was tempted to take a longer road trip than making a loop downtown, but the wind was something to fight with so I decided otherwise:

Needless to say, I experienced my first Texan snow day. I know all my Northern friends are going to laugh, but who can argue with a day off?

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