Texas State Capitol, Austin, TX

At the time of this writing I’ve lived in Austin for almost 4 years and have not been to the Capitol Building yet. This was one of the things my parents wanted to see when they were in town so I drove them downtown and parked in the visitor’s garage.

We walked from the garage and then around the outside before going inside.

As I noted the huge difference between the Wisconsin State Capitol and other state capitols buildings is passing through security. In Wisconsin, you don’t have to go through security at all. In Texas, you have to take everything out of your pockets and pass through metal detectors.

There wasn’t anyone in the security line so we got through very fast. I took a quick look around and realized that we had made it just in time for an official tour. The line was forming and just about to leave!

On the first floor in the Rotunda and Dome were pictures of past governors, the Texas state seal, and a great view up!

Our first stop was up some stairs and over to the Texas Senate.

After seeing the Texas Senate, we ventured across the Capitol to the Texas House of Representatives.

After the tour, we were free to roam. This is where we checked out the Representative Gallery, Supreme Court, Library, Court of Appeals, and Senate Gallery before making our way back outside.

I was told there were some other places to explore so I’ll have to make another trip some other time and see what else I can discover. With that, I can now officially say I’ve been to 2 different state capitol buildings. Maybe I’ll need to hit up a few more as I continue to travel.

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