Texican Cafe, Austin, TX

One place that Victoria has been recommending we try is the Texican Cafe. They serve up El Paso style Tex-Mex food and I was told it was really good. We finally got around to trying this place. The outside was very unique and probably one of the pinkest buildings I have ever seen.

The inside was as unique as the outside!

There were a lot of choices on the menu.

While we made up our minds they brought out some chips and salsa. You could definitely taste the salt and seasoning in them, but it really hit to spot in terms of my “salt tooth.”

Being that this was “El Paso style” Tex-Mex I decided to get the flautas. Every time I go to El Paso I make at least one trip to Chico’s Taco’s and get their tacos which are effectively flautas in tomato sauce and smothered in cheese. These flautas weren’t like that, but were really good! Usually I opt for a taco salad at these kind of places, but when I ate the flautas here, I instantly got something I had to put on my list when I go to other restaurants.

Victoria got some plato de burritos.

The wifi speeds were impressive and probably the fastest I’ve seen for free wifi in a restaurant!

Another thing to note is the service. Victoria was excited when we got Heather as our server. She said a lot of times when she eats at the Texican Heather will be her server and she is great. I can definitely second this as she was great. Victoria’s mom was also along with us and unlike the unaccommodating service we got at the Hampton Inn with her, Heather provided pretty amazing service.

I’m happy we finally got to go to the Texican Cafe. I can see why Victoria likes this place. The food was excellent and so was the service. This place really does set a high bar that I will most likely use to judge other Mexican restaurants. All I can say is keep up the good work!

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