Texican Cafe South Lamar, Austin, TX

While I previously did a blog entry on the Texican on Lakeline, I decided to do another one on the Texican on South Lamar. The last time we visited the Texican on Lakeline, Victoria’s mom Cindy was with. Unfortunately, after a rough December, Cindy passed away and that visit to the Texican was the last place we had taken her out to eat. Cindy loved the Texican, so it was fitting to go to the one in South Austin, the area she lived for so many years, and have a meal in her honor. My parents were in town, so they also got to partake in the great food here.

Unlike the Texican on Lakeline, this building wasn’t pink. It had its own distinct look with a mural on the outside.

The inside was also distinct with a lot of Mexican-style decor painted on the wall.

The menu had a lot of good options to choose from.

As usual, there were chips and salsa at the table. My dad commented on how it had a nice bite to it.

Cindy liked margaritas so Victoria ordered one. I was driving, so I skipped out on my own, but I took a little sip of Victoria’s. They definitely do not spare any expenses when it comes to giving you your money’s worth for tequila. The margarita was good and also strong.

This time I wanted to try something a bit different so I had the shrimp flautas. Just like the chicken flautas I had last time, these were really good!

Victoria had the Plato de burritos with chicken.

I can’t remember our waiter’s name, but he was pretty on the ball with things. For the big group we had, he did very well overall. Additionally, I didn’t get a chance to check wifi speeds, but then again I was more focused on eating and conversing with the group than surfing the internet.

Just like my visit at the Lakeline Texican, this visit was delightful. The food and service were both good. Just like Terry Black’s is my measuring stick for good BBQ, I’m thinking the Texican is a pretty good measuring stick for good Mexican food. I see there’s one more location on Manchaca, so I’ll have to give that a try and report back.

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