The Alamo

Living only 80 miles from the Alamo, I have been there several times. Once, I was the only tourist there. One thing I have not done, however, is went inside. It seemed like any time I did go there, it was not open. Because I was able to work standard 8 hours days on the Surface Deployment, the Alamo would actually be open to go inside right after I got done with work.

The first night I was in San Antonio, I walked by it and saw it at night. I decided the following day, on Tuesday, I would tour the Riverwalk. Then on Wednesday, I would tour the Alamo. Like my tour of the Riverwalk, I walked around and took a bunch of pictures. I only got one picture inside the Alamo before I was told that pictures weren’t allowed (not sure why and I didn’t see any signs anywhere). You can get the gist of what is in the building by the single picture I did take and there it was cool walking around the rest of the area.

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