The Arch

Since I was St. Louis area, I decided to visit The Arch after I was done in Ferguson. I figured I might as well check out one of the most famous landmarks in the US since I still had some time to kill before everyone else got to Peru, Illinois. The Arch is huge and you can see it from a distance when you are driving.

One thing about around The Arch are there are some really bad roads. It was definitely a bumpy ride to get to the parking lot.

After the bumpy roads, I found a parking lot in the general area where I parked last time. I definitely had a good view of The Arch and also the downtown.

When I was walking, I saw a sushi restaurant with a funny name called, “Drunken Fish.”

The last time I was in St. Louis, I was easily able to walk to The Arch. This time I ended up probably walking around a mile or two before seeing that there was really no way to get to it because of a bunch of construction.

I walked on the bridge and got about the best view that I could.

Where I was standing was close to the border of Missouri and Illinois. The Mississippi River makes the natural boundary. The picture below is looking over at Illinois.

Since I couldn’t get any close to The Arch, I decided to hit the road again. It would have been nice to go inside and also visit the Museum of Westward Expansion but I guess that will happen on a future trip.

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