The Book of Mormon at Bass Concert Hall

If you know me, I’m not really a musical person. I’ve never got into it. Victoria, on the other hand, loves musicals. I found out that The Book of Mormon would be playing in Austin. It would also be showing on Victoria’s birthday. I found there were a few tickets still available, so I jumped on buying them.

Victoria and I then headed to the Bass Concert Hall on the University of Texas’s campus. We made sure to get there early to avoid the rush. The ticket we got felt like it was in the student section. There were a lot of college students around us. The college students kept moving around and messing with their phones.

I found out that the new trend (yeah I sound like an old guy) is letting strangers randomly AirDrop you files. I guess these kids never took a computer security class. Maybe I’m just paranoid and hardened from all my years of being a Sys Admin.

This was my first musical I’ve been to. I know The Book of Mormon isn’t a traditional musical. Overall, it was pretty funny. There were some times it did seem like the singing went on forever, but I’ll say it was a decent performance.

They don’t allow pictures inside the theater, so all my pictures are outside of it. Victoria and I had plenty of time to walk around, so I took a bunch of pictures. I also wore my Texas A&M shirt. Some guy commented that that shirt was “bold.” I know the rivalry runs deep between A&M and UT, so I just laughed.

The following are a bunch of pictures I took prior to the performance. If you’re not a musical person like me, but want a good musical to go to, go to The Book of Mormon.

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