The Commissary Deli & Smoked Meats Thunder Bay, ON

The Commissary Deli & Smoked Meats is a family affair. It is deeply rooted in Thunder Bay and was established in 1936. It is currently being run by the third generation. You can read more about their multi-generational story at their website:

When you walk inside, you see the legacy continue. This is a small grocery store that would have been on every corner in years past. There are also quirky signs like the “Got Bacon!” neon sign. Another sign says to “Make Bacon Not War!” You can feel the personal touch to the place.

I spoke with Rosie, one of the grandchildren of the founders. I found out that her grandparents were of Slovakian and Ukrainian descent. These are the countries that influenced their meat. She told me they were getting everything ready for the smoker that night. If I came back the next day, it would all be nice and fresh.

I came the next morning and Rosie was right. The place smelled great! There was a big pile on the counter of freshly smoked meat.

Rosie hooked me up with a fresh sausage on a bun and a pepperette.

I wolfed both of them down in the car. The sausage on the bun was great! It was nice and juicy and had a decent smoke flavor to it. The bun was chewy and it reminded me of a good brat that I would eat in Wisconsin. The pepperette also had a decent smoke flavor to it and hit the spot! I can see why this business has lasted three generations and I’m sure they will continue to do well in the future!

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