The Fish Shop, Shuniah, ON

If you know me, you know I like to eat fish. I also like amethyst. I mean I did go up to Canada to get an amethyst for an engagement ring. The Fish Shop brings the best of both worlds into a single shop! They first got on my radar when I tried their fish at the Thunder Bay Country Market. I already was headed down Lakeshore Drive to go to Crystal Beach Variety, so it worked out perfect that they were across the street. I decided to check out their store and see what they had to offer.

When you first walk in there’s tons of purple everywhere. They definitely don’t lie about having amethyst! There’s also tons of other gifts you can buy.

I didn’t need any amethyst of gifts, but I was craving some fish. I headed downstairs to see what they had to offer!

It all looked tempting. I ended up settling on some maple salmon nuggets.

These maple salmon nuggets tasted a lot like a sweeter jerky. They were pretty amazing overall!

The fish really hit the spot and satisfied my craving. If I’m ever in the area and craving fish or want some good amethyst gifts, this is definitely a great place to stop!

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