The Foundry, Thunder Bay, ON

I’ve drank at The Foundry many times. It’s one of those Red River Road staples of Thunder Bay. What actually surprised me is I never wrote a blog entry about them. I had been there so many times, yet completely spaced blogging about it every time!

The Foundry has a nice long bar to sit at. If sitting at a bar isn’t your thing, there’s a bunch of tables there. They have a stage with a bunch of live music. Almost every time I go there’s some sort of live music playing.

The bar has an upscale historical feel to it. The bar, staircase, and walls are of a well-varnished wood. There are plenty of pictures around of Thunder Bay in the past. It is a well-kept place that feels like it pays its respects to Thunder Bay’s past. I know I like relaxing there, taking in the historical feel. Listening to some live music and drinking an ice cold beer always makes the experience great too!

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