The Goose’s Acre, The Woodlands, TX

Irish pub or dance club? That is the question. After I attended the ZZ Top concert, we met up with Victoria’s aunt and uncle here. They were already seated when we got there so we showed our ID’s, went inside, and sat down at the booth.

The place was packed and the walkway for the servers to come to our booth was pretty congested. This meant the service was slow and it seemed like we waited forever. At least that gave me time to mull over the menu, test the wifi, and look around a bit.

I had to go to the bathroom and the only one I found upstairs was a single person one with a long line. I went downstairs and that’s where the atmosphere did a 180. It turned into a club! The bathroom even had an attendant.

I went to the bathroom and then went into a completely different atmosphere upstairs. It was also packed, but definitely not club-like. Eventually, our food did show up. I got a Sirloin Shepard’s Pie.

The service itself wasn’t great, but the food was! The Shepard’s Pie was amazing! I really enjoyed it and it left me pleasantly full! After waiting for a long time, we finally got our bill and paid. We then had to fight out way out of the increasing crowds.

In many ways, I think I came to The Goose’s Acre at the wrong time. Victoria’s aunt and uncle had been there before the concert and they said it was great. They weren’t the most happy with what seemed to be a 180 in service that happened later that night when they returned after the concert.

I do find this place a bit confusing. The atmosphere between upstairs and downstairs are like the complete opposites of each other. I’m not sure what they’re trying to pull off here, but it just seemed weird. Maybe I’m getting old, but the sure congestion of the bar, along with the confusion of what the bar wanted to be left me scratching my head. This congestion probably led to the slow service.

The real saving grace of this place was the food. I will say it was top notch. I think I just need to come to this place before it becomes a confused Irish pub and dance club. It does seem like a cool place to hang out if it weren’t so crowded. Maybe next time I’m in The Woodlands I’ll drop by during the middle of the day and then report back!

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