The Keg & Patio, Wisconsin Dells, WI

After waking up from a night of partying in Wisconsin Dells, we needed a good place to eat breakfast. Someone suggested The Keg & Patio. We all piled into a couple vehicles and headed over.

The Keg & Patio is a hybrid indoor\outdoor bar. I’m not sure why we didn’t stop at this place the night before. It looks like it has about everything. There are yard games and a large open area outside to hang out if the indoor bar gets too stuffy.

We missed the party the night before, but it was great they were open early for breakfast. At 8:00AM, Downtown Wisconsin Dells was dead. It was nice and peaceful. We took a seat near the outside. Fresh air and water was on the agenda to work off our hangovers.

DJ decided to go with the hair of the dog and get a Bloody Mary. I was told it was homemade and really good.

At the table awaited a simple one sided menu. This made navigating it hungover much easier.

I got the gyro omelette. I’ve never seen a place offer something like this, so I had to try it!

The gyro omelette was great! The gyro meat with tzatziki sauce gave a distinct rich flavor in the omelette. The eggs itself effectively made low carb pita bread. I can see this being the breakfast of choice for a low carber who likes Greek food.

The cheesy hash browns were also good. I was completely stuffed by the end of the meal. I didn’t go for the hair of the dog in the morning so I’m not sure how good their drinks are. If it’s as good as their food I can see this being an amazing place to hang out. I’ll have to check it out sometime at night when I’m back in Wisconsin Dells!

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