The Lightbulb Shop, Austin, TX

Austin is booming! The city is growing like a weed and there’s cranes everywhere. This growth is turning Austin into an economic powerhouse. Now while it’s great the economy is currently booming, there’s a darker side to that.

While new buildings are going up, there’s huge increases to the current real estate. This comes in the form of skyrocketing rents. I know this is the reason I move about once a year. Sadly, businesses cannot just up and move like a person can. They typically have to absorb the 5-10% rent or property tax increases a year or they go out of business.

On such business is The Lightbulb Shop. By the time I post this blog entry, it will have closed its doors for good. Sadly, this is after nearly being in business for 40 years and in their current location since 2001.

Now, I always wanted to check out The Lightbulb Shop. Every time I’d eat at Flyrite, I’d see Light Bulb Ed. Light Bulb Ed is on top of the building.

I’d always forget about this place or when I remembered, I’d put off visiting. I knew I had to stop my procrastinating when I read it was going out of business. I once again ate at Flyrite, but this time went across the street to the Lightbulb Shop to check it out.

It was a dreary day when I visited. It’s dreary just like the small businesses that are going out of business. Victoria and I went inside and saw the place had been picked over. I took a few pictures to hopefully preserve it for what it is.

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