The Rebel Flag A Southern Living Native Northerners Perspective Part II

Continuing on my last post about the Rebel Flag, I experienced firsthand what I said in the last post when I visited Marshfield. Prior to me going to Marshfield, I did my 700+ mile circle tour of East Texas. From there, I saw a one truck that was actually flying the Rebel Flag. This was somewhere between Beaumont and Longview, which is very close to the Louisiana border.

Additionally, on my way back to Texas, I saw another truck in Southern Missouri flying the Rebel Flag. This was all over the course of 3000+ miles of driving. With that being said, when I went in to see my grandpa, I did not even make it into the city limits of Marshfield and I ran into a truck with one. I had stopped at the Holiday gas station to pick up something to drink and it was parked outside.

Later that night, I saw a bunch of kids hanging in the Walmart parking lot (this is about 5 or so miles away on the other side of Marshfield) with a Rebel Flag on their truck. They hung out there every night so eventually I snapped a picture.

The night I snapped the picture, I was cruising in the Cougar. I dropped by and they were all admiring my car. I talked with them a while and I could see they were just going through that Billy badass redneck stage that I mentioned in the last article. They did talk about how redneck they were and pretty much the exact same stuff that my group of friends would have talked about back in the day. I just told them I wanted to snap a picture to remind me of how my group of friends used to hang in the Walmart parking lot (we did).

I just find it crazy that I drove how many miles and I see just as many Rebel Flags in a 5 mile radius of each other in Marshfield, Wisconsin than I do in the thousands of miles in actual Dixie.

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