The Rivers Tavern, Marshfield, WI

There has always been a restaurant inside the Holiday Inn in Marshfield. It seems to change every couple years. Right now it is called, “The Rivers Tavern.” During my bachelor party, I decided to check it out. We wanted a quieter place we could hang out and grab a bite to eat.

When we got there, it was much quieter than Nutz Deep. We pretty much got the bar to ourselves.

I ordered a beer and got a menu.

Some of my friends ordered food a little before me. They had everything from pot roast to cheese curds.

I decided to get the loaded brat that had cheese curds on top of it. I also got some fresh chips.

The brat was full of flavor and the gooey cheese curds and ranch added even more flavor. This was 100% flavor and 100% Wisconsin! After eating, I decided to see how good the wifi was. I was blown away. Normally internet around Marshfield sucks. This internet was insanely fast!

The bathrooms were out in the hallway of the hotel. I went there and then came back. The place was filling up fast.

The drinks and service were good so we stayed for a long time. On the way out, I decided to grab another couple pictures.

I can say I was very impressed with The Rivers Tavern. The food was great and had Wisconsin written all over it. The atmosphere was laid back. You could actually sit back and have a conversation with people. I’m really hoping this place sticks around in the upcoming years because it really is a gem of Marshfield. I’m sure I’ll be back!

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