The Sal, Thunder Bay, ON

The Sal has been a staple of the Westfort area of Thunder Bay for a long time. Recently, it has changed ownership. Prior to changing ownership it was known as The Salsbury Grill. They may have changed the name slightly, but have kept the classic style of the restaurant.

On of my readers, Daniel, invited me to grab lunch with him and his mom Sue. He has high regards for this restaurant and wanted to show me some good Thunder Bay cuisine.

When you walk inside, you get the classic feel to it. There’s a bar right in front of you with a bunch of tables surrounding the bar. The place is a bit smaller and cozy. In many ways it takes you back to a simpler time and has that down home feel to it.

I could tell they were rooted in Thunder Bay. Besides the standard condiments of a diner, they had locally made Heartbeat Hot Sauce.

The menu was simple. It was a laminated sheet you could easily flip over.

In Austin, tacos are everywhere. Some of you may wonder why I come up to Canada and then order them. In this case I got a perfect melding of both worlds. I ordered the fish taco with fries and gravy.

One thing that is really hard to beat is the fresh fish around Lake Superior. I haven’t found fish as good as in that region. This fish taco was no exception. The fish was fresh and juicy. The way it was fried had a nice crisp to it. The tortilla itself was firm and well put together. The toppings provided enhanced the flavor. Overall, it was a well made taco that combined the best of Austin and the best of Thunder Bay!

What was 100% Canadian was the fries with gravy. These fries also had a nice crisp to them and the gravy on top was salty and savory. They reminded me I was in Canada and a far ways from Texas! The combination of the fish taco and fries and gravy made a great meal that left me feeling good. Thanks Daniel and Sue for showing me this place! I can see why it has been a staple of Thunder Bay for so long.

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