The Swamp, Marshfield, WI

If you took a double-wide trailer, gutted it, and turned it into a bar, you’d have The Swamp. This bar is owned by the same people who own Nutz Deep. In fact, it’s in short walking distance of Nutz Deep. In many ways, I like to consider it overflow for Nutz Deep. I loved ducking out of Nutz Deep when it got too busy and walking down the road to The Swamp.

The Swamp has actually been a staple of my drinking experience in Marshfield ever since I turned legal drinking age. I remember when Marshfield really cracked down on underage drinking and all these sorts of signs went up.

The Swamp has tons of liquor and even some good stuff to go!

They also have a staple of cheap drinking (and one of my favorites), Hamm’s. I sat at the bar and had one.

The Swamp has a more limited menu than Nutz Deep, but there’s enough to really satisfy the beer munchies, including pickled things (a staple of any good Wisconsin bar).

The outside smoking (or fresh air if you’re just looking to drink outside) area is actually kind of impressive.

All in all, The Swamp has a way more laid-back feel to Nutz Deep, especially when it gets busy later in the night. I do enjoy going to the quirky converted double-wide bar and knocking back a few Hamm’s.

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