Things You Discover on the Road: The Slowest Gas Pump Ever Part II

After thinking I found the slowest gas pump ever, I proved myself wrong. I found a gas pump at the Corner Store in Arlington, that I might be able to drop a cup down in the gas station’s tank and get gas faster than the thing could pump it.

It was so slow, I walked inside to see what was going on. Nobody was behind the counter and it took a while for someone to come out. They then told me there was something wrong with the gas pumps and they were looking to reboot the system. You think they could have watched for people to pull up and told me that before I started pumping. I got fed up and left with a whole $0.45 added to my tank. I had just did the Surface deployment and wanted to get back to Austin. I’d still be there if I waited for it to pump me a full tank’s worth of gas.

Now, besides a gas pump not even working at all, I’m not sure how much slower a gas pump can go than this. Maybe I’ll prove myself wrong again…

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