Things You Discover on the Road: The Slowest Gas Pump Ever

Prior to leaving for Wisconsin, I had about half a tank of this cheap gas from this off brand gas station. I wanted to burn it before putting in good gas. I needed gas a bit north of Waco. I knew Slovacek’s had decent smoked meats, so when I saw a few billboards advertising it and decided I had enough gas to make it. For some reason, even with all the cattle, Texas really doesn’t have much for sausage or beef sticks. Overall, it is very bland compared to what I’m used to in Wisconsin.

I stopped at Slovacek’s and discovered the slowest gas pump I have ever used.

I started pumping and it was slow.

It kept pumping and pumping as slow as could be.

I guess it was pumping so slow, it never knew to click off. I wasn’t happy hearing dripping and see gas coming out.

At least I got some decent beef sausage for lunch.

The sausage wasn’t bad and I guess the benefit is I got as full of a tank of gas as you could get. It just took like 10+ minutes to fill up. That tank definitely lasted a little longer than the other fillups.

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