Thunder Bay Country Market, Thunder Bay, Ontario

On my quest for local products, this was the ultimate place to go, the Thunder Bay farmer’s market. I know I would find a lot of good stuff to try and would have to limit myself on what I’d actually buy. I saw products from Wolfhead Coffee and Thunder Oak Cheese there. I’m sure if I really looked hard, I would have been able to make a large list of other places that have shops around town that I needed to visit.

For this trip, I just quickly walked around and glossed over things. If it caught my eye, I looked at it and maybe bought something. It was packed, so I’ll take that as a testament that everything was probably pretty good there.

Here are the pictures of my stroll through the farmer’s market.

I ended up settling on some smoked fish and jerky. Since the fish was perishable, I ate it right away in the car for breakfast. I ended up consuming the jerky much later, but it was amazing! I’m one to drive 100 miles for jerky and I think I’ll have to stock up on Bogdala’s jerky next time I’m up in Thunder Bay. The jerky is moist, unlike most other jerkies I’ve had, but it packs so much flavor! I can’t believe I didn’t try it before leaving Thunder Bay so I could stock up!

Thunder Bay Country Market is probably going to be one of my regular stops when I go to Thunder Bay. In the end, I didn’t buy much, but what I did was really good. Slowly but surely I’ll be able to try different things local to Thunder Bay and maybe discover a few favorites in the meantime.

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