Thunder Oak Cheese, Thunder Bay, Ontario

Being a Native Cheesehead, I love cheese. When I tell people in Texas I worked in a cheese factory in high school, they say that is about as Wisconsin as you can get. With that, I love to sample different cheeses. While I’m used to eating Cheddar and Baby Colby, I thought it would be cool to try Gouda cheese. Well, I was in luck as a little ways outside Thunder Bay, there is Thunder Oak Cheese that makes fresh Gouda!

This place was down a back road and when I got there it was almost dead silent outside. Being near a bunch of farms, it had a serene view and it definitely had the feel of the quiet and peaceful countryside.

I walked around inside and they had many other local products besides cheese. This place was a mini version of Maltese Grocery or George’s Market. They even had Wolfhead Coffee!

When I get local products, I like to get non-perishable stuff that will hold up in my car for long enough to get back to Texas. This means that perishable items are out of the question. When buying perishable items, I try to get just enough that I can actually consume it without any going to waste. That’s exactly what I did when I dug through the pile of Gouda cheese and found the smallest one they had.

The Gouda was really good. It was definitely fresh and I do like it! It was cool to visit Thunder Oak Cheese and I can see this being a great place to visit if you’re looking for local products and want to shop in the peace and quiet of the Canadian countryside.

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