Top Notch, Austin, TX

If you want an iconic Austin place to get a burger, Top Notch is the place to go. The movie Dazed and Confused also made it a bit famous.

While in the movie they imply Top Notch is a chain, there is actually only one of them in Austin on Burnet Road. It is really well-preserved relic of times gone past. They also have excellent food and it’s one of my favorite places in Austin to go. I have went there many times in the past, but never did a blog entry on them.

Every first Saturday of the month, they have a Hot Rod Drive-In Night which is essentially a car show. I went to the June one and it was definitely packed. If I had my Cougar down here, I’d probably leave super early to beat the crowds and get a spot.

There were a lot of cool cars, good charbroiled burgers (and don’t forget fried chicken and shrimp), and even a live band. I took a ton of pictures, so I’ll put them all below. If you want a place with really good food and also be taken back to an era gone past, Top Notch is the place to be!

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