Torchy’s Tacos, Round Rock, TX

When I moved to Austin, Torchy’s was the first place I ate at. This is a local Austin chain (which has also spread throughout Texas). While I have been to many Torchy’s throughout Austin, the Round Rock one is specific one I first ate it. Typically, when you think of Austin and tacos, you think of Torchy’s.

This Torchy’s is always packed. I wanted to write a blog entry about it, but each time I tried, there was literally no parking or places to sit. I was finally able to find parking one random afternoon around 3PM.

I had to do the stereotypical Austin thing and get chips and queso with my 2 tacos.

Like I said, Torchy’s is the iconic Austin taco place to go to. I’m not sure of any other places that have as strong of a taco identity as this place. I go there on a frequent basis and I have yet to meet another Austinite who hates it.

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