Travel Tip: Always Sync and Charge Your Electronics and Never Take a Good Internet Connection or Power For Granted

In a previous travel trip, I talked about the importance of backing up your technology. One element of backing up your technology is having a good internet connection. In my travels, I have found good connections are often hard to come by. You may be in a rural area with crappy internet, a place with bad reception that relies more on pay phones instead of actual cell phones, or for some reason the internet is just not up to par. If you do any amount of traveling, you will run into a lot of places with bad connections and have to be under the assumption that the connections you will find will most likely not be that good.

When you do find that rare good connection, you need to jump on it and not take it for granted. If you are using a cloud service to backup your phone (I highly recommend this), make sure everything is backed up properly before leaving the connection. If you blog like I do or have any business you need to do on the internet, do it there with the good connection. If you can get ahead a few days in your work, I would also recommend doing that as the connection you may have in the following days may severely limit you.

To a lesser extent you also need to make sure you don’t take a good source of power for granted. While it’s much easier to find a good power source than a good internet connection, there are often times where you might go several days without a good power source. When I was at RockUSA I was camping in a tent on a non-electric site. I did not have my car there, so I was unable to charge it in the car. I was lucky that one of the guys camping with us would run his generator from time to time and allow us to recharge our phones. I made sure to jump on that every time he fired up the generator.

Plain and simple, you don’t want to take any good internet connection or power source for granted. Being able to get things backed up or take care of all online business gives you the peace of mind that you won’t be at a loss if something happens. Making sure your phone and other electronics are charged also gives you a peace of mind that you can continue to function as normal without running out of power. I know I take a lot of pictures so having enough power left in my battery and also making sure the pictures are backed up are two very important things for me. I jump on any opportunity that allows me to do this and you should too.

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