Travel Tip: Always Test Electronics Before Taking Off

Just as it’s important to make sure your electronics are backed up and also have sufficient battery power left, it’s also important to make sure they work in the first place. With the extensive amount of traveling I have done, I have found electronics not only fail in the middle of using them, but also won’t even work when I first try to use them.

I have bought SD cards and even music CDs that did not work right out of the box brand new. While not being able to play a music CD might be a minor inconvenience, I have been put into a pinch before with my dash cam when I needed to swap them in the middle of a road trip. There has been more than once I had to quick transfer files off of a full SD card to my computer to work around the faulty SD card.

When you buy something and then take off on your trip, another issue that arises is returning it. In some cases I’m literally over a thousand miles away from where I bought it from. The logistics of having to bring it back now become a pain, and now I’m possibly in a pinch not having what I need working.

My advice to you is to make sure to check your electronics before taking off. This either means check what you currently have before leaving for a trip or if you buy something while traveling, check it in the parking lot before you pull away. If the item is defective you can either take it back immediately or make plans to quickly buy what you need before you embark on a trip.

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