Travel Tip: Building a Tolerance for Travel and Driving Long Distances

People often ask me how I do it when it comes to traveling and how I can drive for so long at a time. For them, they see the task of driving long days for multiple days in a row. If you’ve never done this before, it can seem daunting and when you see me do things like literally drive border-to-border in 2 days, you will question how I can do it.

In a previous blog entry I talked about knowing your limits. In that blog entry, I mentioned about how staying up for 24 hours straight is like having a .10 blood alcohol concentration. With alcohol, the more you drink, the higher of a tolerance you will form around it.

I bet the first time you had more than a couple drinks, the room was probably spinning. The relatively small amount of alcohol was enough to really either make you feel really good or really bad fast. As you became a more experienced drinker, that amount of alcohol no longer had that same affect on you and you built a tolerance to it.

The same is true with driving. It takes time to build a tolerance to driving long distances. The first times you will road trip, you’ll most likely be pushing your limits and become extremely fatigued when only driving for a couple of hours. Just as no reasonable person would encourage a first time drinker to drink a 12 pack of beer in a single sitting, trying to drive for an extensive amount of hours is something that is a bit unreasonable.

When you get in fine touch with your limits, you will know what your driving tolerance is. When you plan a trip, you will work around those limits. The more trips you take around those limits, the higher your limits will become. You will effectively start building a tolerance for driving longer distances and before you know it, people will be asking you how you do it.

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