Travel Tip: You Can’t See It All In One Trip

When I first started traveling, I wanted to see it all. I would take vacation and instead of relaxing like you’re supposed to do on vacation, I would be on an all out sightseeing mission to see as much as I could. I mean, that’s how I got the name “Impulsive Traveler Guy” for this blog. My goal was to impulsively bounce between as much stuff as possible and eventually I’d see it all.

Now, I will admit that I still hit places hard. I guess that’s just generally in my nature. With that being said, I have learned that I can’t see everything in a single trip. Actually, what tends to happen is I realize I have just scratched the surface and I end up with a bigger list of things to see on the next trip than what I had on the original trip. Plain and simple, it’s impossible to see everything in the limited time you have on a single (or many) trip(s).

Since I started this blog a while back, I’ve really only shared my adventures. I now want to start giving tips on the things that allow me to take the epic adventures I do. I think, first and foremost, anyone who wants to travel like I do needs to realize there is a limit on the amount of things you can see and do in a short amount of time.

I get it, you have an extremely limited amount of time and you want to maximize the hell out of it. That’s great! You can still do that. You just have to be realistic on your time estimates and how much you can actually do in a day.

One thing I find that helps a ton is finding a couple places that you think will represent an area well. Heck, just pick a part of town and go to 2-3 places that are nearby to minimize travel time. Make sure to slow down a little bit and really take in the area and what’s actually going on. If you do this, you’ll start to become in tune with the area and form a good outline of it.

With the outline you form you can start making a list of places to visit. If you have time try to visit another place or two, but keep that list handy for the next time you come to town. This will temper your fear of missing out (FOMO). I know FOMO is a powerful thing that can drive you to push your limits, but if you can temper it a bit you’ll have a lot better adventure!

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