Travel Tip: Double Up Gas and Food Stops

If you do cross country drives like I do, you will find that time is of the essence. Every stop you make will ultimately add more time to the total trip. If you’re trying to cover a lot of distance in a short amount of time, a good time saving tip is to double up your gas and food stops.

Now you’re probably thinking that means eating gas station food and visualize the hot dogs that appear to have been on the roller grill for the last how many days. While I definitely recommend avoiding these kind of places, there are some good gas stations that do serve good food.

With all my traveling I have found a few different gas stations chains serve good food. For example, I can always rely on a Kwik Trip if I’m in Wisconsin or Minnesota. Buc-ee’s is great if I’m driving around Texas and I know Slovacek’s is good if I’m in that area. There are many other good gas stations that you’ll eventually see my blog about in the future that serve good food.

Knowing that a gas station serves good food, you can easily plan your gas stops around these gas stations. I know if I’m looking for gas and I see a Kwik Trip on the sign, I’ll pull off on that exit. If for some reason the place looks sketchy, I’ll still get food but get the prepackaged food that I know wasn’t made at that sketchy gas station.

Another thing that will take a bit more time, but still counts as combining your gas and food stops is gas stations with attached fast food restaurants. You can easily fill up your tank and then get something to eat without having to drive anywhere else. This also will save a lot of time.

If you start to travel extensively, you will find certain chains have the best gas station food. Even if you find a place that is less than desirable, there still should be some sort of prepackaged food that you can buy and eat along the way. When it comes to time savings, it’s often worth it just getting food at the same place you get gas.

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