Travel Tip: I’m Not a Foodie and Its Easier to Enjoy Things If You’re Not Either

You know you live in a first world country when people make a hobby out of analyzing and being super critical of the food they eat. I mean who doesn’t watch The Food Network and want to be one of those super critical judges that can dissect every little morsel of food and provide a critique of it? Sometimes I do wish I had that sort of knowledge and refined palette that I could do that, but I realize I do not.

I know some people will revel in the sense of sophistication that can give them an air of superiority. They become unnecessarily picky and ruin the experience for everyone, including themselves. Often times, they don’t even have the experience to actually give a meaningful critique but will because being a foodie is their hobby.

Obviously, being super picky and delivering undue criticism makes a wait person’s job much harder because you’re effectively being a difficult customer. It also will make your experience much worse because you cannot truly enjoy the food that you are eating. When you’re constantly focused on the negatives, you can easily overlook the positives. From my experience almost every place I’ve been to has had some sort of positive to it and I’ve only had a handful of truly bad experiences.

I can definitely see where your palette becomes more refined over time. I have tried hundreds, if not thousands, of different restaurants and I make it a point to constantly buy new local products such as coffee, salsa, hot sauce, and beer. After a while of doing this you do start to figure out what is good and what is bad based upon your individual tastes. You can provide a more accurate critique of how the food tastes to you.

Another thing that needs to be considered is everyone has their own individualized tastes that are influenced by many personal factors that are unique to each person. For example, I like hot sauces that range from Jalapeño to Serrano peppers in terms of spiciness and occasionally will eat a Habanero sauce. If you give me a ghost pepper sauce or season food with it, I’m probably going to think the food is horrible. For someone into the spicier peppers, they might think the same thing about the lack of spiciness of the “lesser” peppers. Who’s right in this situation? The answer is nobody.

Everyone’s individual tastes should dictate how they like their food. I know there’s good scales out there such as Scoville units or IBU’s that give an accurate measure of an element of the taste. These are good guidelines to follow to find food that is in your taste preference. With being a guideline, these aren’t absolutes that you use to dictate your tastes and should never be used to dictate other people’s tastes.

In essence, don’t be a foodie. You can have your preferences on food, but you want to try things with an open mind. You’ll enjoy the experience much more and you never know what you’ll actually discover in the process that you may have otherwise turned your nose up at.

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