Travel Tip: A Smartphone and Credit Card The Bare Minimum to Impulsively Travel

Many people seem in awe when I tell them the stories of my travels. They can’t seem to believe you can just get into a car and go somewhere. I think people get caught up too much in the details of travel and don’t realize how simple it can actually be. In fact, the bare minimum you really need to travel is a smartphone and a working credit or debit card with a travel alert on it.

When you break down what you truly need to travel, it really comes down to access to money and access to information. The remarkable thing about living in the 21st Century is everything is seamlessly connected. Any piece of information you might need can be accessed on a smartphone. Credit and debit cards provide a safe and secure method to have access to large amounts of money if you need it. If you have these two things, you are set to travel anywhere within the country.

Now you might think you need to do a bunch of packing to make sure you have all the right stuff. While I highly recommend preparing for a trip and having what you need, the nice thing about the way things are structured is if you have access to money, you should be easily able to buy what you need. There’s still major corporations like Walmart that sell pretty much anything you would need and have a large enough physical presence that you can find them just about anywhere.

Additionally, you may think you have to make a bunch of travel plans and nail down every detail before embarking on a trip. This is also incorrect. Most of the time I fly by the seat of my pants and use a smartphone to gather the information I need. Am I pushing my limits and need of rest? I can easily look up and book a hotel. Am I lost and needing directions? There’s an app for that. Am I looking for something to do that night? Google is merely a tap away.

When you break down travel in this sort of minimalist mindset, actually traveling becomes a way less daunting thing. You realize you don’t have to have every detail planned and can wing it. For me, this is how I love to travel. I hate feeling constricted by a bunch of plans. I just choose a direction and go with it and ultimately I know as long as I have my smartphone and credit card, I am easily able to travel this way.

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