Travel Tip: Sometimes You need a Mass Corporation for Consistency Part 2, Hotels

In Part 1, I talked about needing a mass corporation like McDonald’s for consistency. In this blog entry, the same concept of having the consistency of a mass corporation can also be applied to hotels. While it’s nice to try new hotels or other lodging options, sometimes you want to find a chain hotel that you can rely on and give you exactly what you are expecting.

While you may get good at knowing your limits and even building up your tolerance for driving, eventually you have to stop and get some rest. In the whole scheme of things, being well-rested is one of the most important elements of having a safe and successful road trip.

To be well-rested, you need a good place to stay. When you are in unfamiliar places, finding a good place to stay can be a challenge. I mean, when I went on a road trip checking out Lake Michigan my buddy Jake and I decided to save a few bucks and stay at the Budget Inn in Marinette. This is still by far the worst hotel I’ve ever stayed at and thinking back at this is a reminder why it’s important to sometimes go with a chain hotel.

Chain hotels offer a level of consistency in what you get, just like you can expect the same kind of meal no matter which McDonald’s you go to. In terms of getting a good night’s rest or just enjoying certain amenities, this can be a really good thing. While I do encourage you to go outside your comfort zone and find different places, you are taking a gamble.

Personally, with the extensive travel I have done, I’ve always had good luck with La Quinta or just mid-range hotels in general. In a mid-range hotel, I feel I get the best value for my money. I know the room will be clean, there won’t be shady characters there making a bunch of noise, there should be some form of free internet, and breakfast is free in the morning. From there, I know I will get a good night’s rest, work on my blog a bit, and get a good meal before starting my next day.

Many times I will take the gamble and try a local non-chain place. I mean I am all for small local businesses and, especially in Thunder Bay, I have found some amazing places to stay like the Prince Arthur or Night’s Inn. While I do like to take this gamble, if I am tired and uncertain, I do tend to default to chain hotels where I know what to expect.

If you are traveling, you will want to keep this in mind. Find a brand of hotel that you really like and is widespread throughout the country. Typically the features of what you really like from that hotel brand will pretty much be consistent at the other hotels of the same brand that you visit. While I do recommend trying other things and going local as much as possible, if you’re very tired and just need a place to sleep and don’t want any major surprises, I’d recommend staying with a chain for consistency.

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