Travel Tip: Take a Day of Rest After Getting Back From a Long Trip

When you travel like I do, you’re bound to push your limits. While you can’t see it all in one trip, you will often try. Even if you do try to take it easy, you may push yourself trying to drive back. I mean the drive from Texas to Wisconsin is easily 18-20 hours depending on traffic. If you try to drive 18-20 straight through, which I have a bunch of times, you’re bound to be exhausted when you get back.

The more I travel like this, the more I realize the importance of having at least one full day to relax before going back to work, and I plan that into my trips. While in many cases it gives you a day to catch up and sleep and then get organized, in other cases it also gives you padding if something happens like you break down.

As I stated in my travel tip about not being able to see it all in a single trip, most of the time if you travel like I do you’re more on a sight seeing mission than an actual restful vacation. For the travel tip in this blog, I highly recommend having at least a single day of vacation time to actually rest before you go back to the daily grind of work. You will thank yourself (and probably your coworkers and boss will thank you) for not coming back to work worn down and exhausted. Hopefully you’ll start the workweek on the right foot, or at least you won’t be missing work if something happens like you break down in the middle of nowhere.

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