Two Brothers Restaurant, Oshkosh, WI

Just like Perkins is a good family-style restaurant chain, Two Brothers is a good family-style restaurant that isn’t a chain. We ate here after going to RockUSA. It was definitely good and you could tell it was popular, as the parking lot was packed.

As usual with these kind of places, I decided to get an omelet. After eating camping food and the other junk you do at a music festival, this was a good meal that really hit the spot!

I thought I might be able to get on the wifi to let my phone backup to Dropbox, but it appears it was password protected and I didn’t see the password anywhere, so I was unable to run a speed test.

For a non-chain family-style restaurant, this place was good. I do like getting omelettes at these places and I was so hungry for a decent full meal, I ate everything up and didn’t even need a to go box!

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