Tyler Longview Laredo Work Trip

For work, we have been doing a lot of office moves lately. I have been putting a lot of miles on the road to gather information for these sites. Beaumont was thankfully done and the move itself happened when I was in Wisconsin. Tyler’s construction had made substantial progress and the new Longview was ready to be moved into. Laredo was another site looking to move and I needed to gather all the information required for this.

Since it was Labor Day weekend, the plan was for me to take off early Tuesday morning and meet the Major around 9:30 in Tyler. I definitely had some traveling over the weekend going to the Aggie game. After the game, I pretty much relaxed the rest of the weekend in anticipation of a long week ahead of me.

On Tuesday I got to work at 4:30am. I loaded up the car and hit the road by 5. It’s around a 4 hour drive from Austin to Tyler, so I had a long ways to go. It was nice that I had the Impala (I never thought I’d say that about a Chevy product), because it had an AUX port for me to plug my laptop into. Since it was the first day of my class, I listened to my required reading in my textbook via the text to speech function of the software.

I made it to Tyler around 9:15. I was there a little bit before the Major so I scoped the place out. They really did make a lot of progress since last time and the floor plan was all built out. The Major arrived, along with a Seargeant and the regional licensing supervisor, around 9:30. We scoped everything out and I got some additional information. I then took a bunch of new pictures of the new office layout.

After that we hit the road for Longview. I had the address saved in my GPS from last time. I was following the Major when he turned off on a different road. Traffic was thick enough that I wouldn’t have been able to turn and follow him. My GPS was also telling me to go a ways up the road I was on before turning. As we went separate ways, I remembered the address in my GPS was wrong and that address took you to an oil well in the middle of nowhere.

Scrambling, thinking that I was going to be going out of the way and would be late, I started to think and remembered the office was in the Gregg County Courthouse and Sheriff’s office.  I Google Maps searched that and got the right directions. I made it to the correct location and there was an agent waiting for me outside. I had found out the major and other people weren’t there.

I went up to the office and started to work. A while later, I heard down the hallway the Major talking and asking if I was there. Ironically, their GPS took them to the oil well. I continued to work and eventually got everything up and running by 2:30pm. Since I had a 10 hour day in already and had hotel reservations, I made my way to the hotel for the earliest check in I have ever done on a work trip. I was at the same hotel that I had stayed at last time.

I see all their rooms must just have a standard shower with no bathtub.

I was on the second floor this time so I had a little better view outside.

I hadn’t eaten since around the time I left in the morning. I first went to Walgreens and got some chips and then noticed a place called Jersey Mike’s. I’m always up for trying places I never heard of and was craving a sub. Ironically, I didn’t know there was a Jersey Mike’s also in Austin actually just down the road from my apartment. If I would have known that, I may have tried Rowdy Taco instead. I guess I should Google that a bit more because recently I found there is actually a Culver’s in Austin. I used to think it was unique to the Upper Midwest and made sure to visit them the last time I was in Marshfield.

I just had a turkey sub.

The nice thing about being in the hotel is the internet was good. I recently cancelled my home internet so I could be less distracted. I was able to get Dropbox synced up and complete a lot of classwork on the first day of class while using the internet at the hotel.

In the morning I had a standard biscuits and gravy breakfast.

I hit the road at 6:15am. It takes about 4.5 hours from Longview to Austin. It rained a decent amount along the way, but by the time I got to Austin, it was nice and sunny. The next day I was set to go to Laredo. I got into the office around 6am and left for San Antonio around 6:30. It took almost 2.5 hours to get to the San Antonio office!

The traffic was so bad and it made me wonder if Austin or San Antonio traffic was worse. One thing I noticed about San Antonio traffic is people leave insanely huge gaps between cars a semi could go through. I think that’s what half the problem was with the congestion. In Austin, everyone sits bumper to bumper, but at least more cars can get on the road.

I finally made it to San Antonio a little before 9am. I worked on an issue on site that I planned to look at and then met with the Major of that region. This time, I’d ride with him. It was actually the first work road trip where I didn’t have to drive the whole way.

We scoped out the new site and I gathered most of the information I needed. We went to the old site where I inventoried everything there. The Major had a conference call meeting so I had to wait around until that was done. I did a little work in the meantime and also looked around the office a bit. One thing I noticed about this office is the area next to the office reminded me of the common area in the movie, “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.”

After that we headed to one of the POE bridges for me to do a speed test since there will be construction there. On the way back to the new office, we stopped by Danny’s restaurant for a late lunch\early supper. Danny’s reminds me of a Perkin’s or Denny’s, but instead has Mexican food.

Luckily the Major spoke fluent Spanish as the waitress didn’t seem to speak English. I got the Danny’s special plate. It was definitely tasty.

After we ate, we finished up a little work at the new site. We then hit the road back for San Antonio. It rained a bit there and near San Antonio, it appeared someone hydroplaned and lost control.

We made it to San Antonio around 7:30PM. I then grabbed the company car and drove back to Austin. Traffic was bad but not as bad as before. I made it back to Austin about 9PM. This week definitely had a lot of traveling and when everything was said and done, I traveled over 1000 miles just for work. Even with the short 4 day week, I still had around 43 hours in. I guess those extra hours definitely help me bank comp time for a future road trip.

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