Via 313 Pizzeria, Austin, TX

313 is the area code for Detroit. Detroit has its own unique style of pizza with it being square, buttery, and crispy. It appears the square features come from them using auto parts trays as baking pans. The buttery and crispy taste comes from perfectly baking in the right amount of cheese and meat. Via 313 Pizzeria is a perfect name for this pizza joint as they bring great Detroit-style pizza to Austin!

I actually discovered this place through an app called PintHub. The app is a subscription service that allows you to have one free craft beer at participating locations. This was the first place I went via the app.

The inside has that gritty Detroit feel to it. There’s bench-style tables and the tables are wooden. There’s hubcaps and other car-related decor. There’s hard classic rock playing from the speakers. It wouldn’t be too far fetched to see automobile factory workers taking a lunch break here.

For my craft beer I got a Parks & Rec Pale Ale from Austin’s Zilker Brewing Company.

The menu looked good. For starters we got some cheese bread.

The cheese bread was great! The bread itself was nice and crispy and the cheese was gooey. The sauce tasted homemade and fresh. It was definitely a good starter.

After our cheese bread came the main course. We got a Detroit-style pizza called “The Detroiter.” This had smoke pepperoni under the cheese and natural casing pepperoni on top.

Just like the cheese bread, it was nice and crispy. The gooey cheese and pepperoni made the pizza taste perfect! Detroit-style pizza may be lesser known than New York or Chicago-style, but it’s just as good!

To make our dining experience better, the service was also great. Courtney was our server and she juggled a very busy area well. The food itself spoke highly for the restaurant. Having top notch service also makes for a great visit! This restaurant does it all well!

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