Wally’s Burger Express, Austin, TX

One burger joint that is close to my apartment and also work (remember, I live close to work), is a place called Wally’s Burger Express. There is only one and it is very unique.

They want you to leave your bad attitude in the garbage at the door.

In Austin, tacos are a big thing, so it’s easy to add one to any combo there.

When you walk in, it’s kind of setup like a train car with a bunch of train stuff.

Victoria and I went there to eat. We ordered and then got our number for them to bring it out to the table.

While it is a burger joint, they have really good chicken. The 6 piece basket is enough food for the both of us. I also got a taco on the side, just because. One thing that is also included that I am not used to from growing up in the North, is the white gravy with the chicken. It is definitely good and would be cool if they served it up there.

Upon refilling my drink, I noticed this by the bathroom.

One thing about Wally’s is they do not brand their cups. A coworker and I joke about how they have the branded unbranded cup, since other places put their logos on the cup. You can instantly tell someone went to Wally’s just when they have this plain cup.

Wally’s is a little gem kind of tucked away in my neighborhood. I go there on a regular basis and they always have good food. I definitely love their chicken baskets the most and am sure I’ll be back eating that in the near future.

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