Waterhouse, Thunder Bay, Ontario

From my understanding, this bar just opened. My friend Kal, who used to bartend at Sovereign Room, was going to be at this bar, so after I met up with Ryan, we headed to the Waterhouse.

The place had a long bar and definitely felt pretty open overall. It was easy to get a bigger group in the place. Ryan and Kal both had a bunch of their friends coming, so it was a perfect place to hang out for the group of people. My camera was a bit blurry with the pictures, but hopefully you can see how everything looked inside.

One interesting thing I learned about Canada is the drink the Ceasar. Basically, it’s a Bloody Mary with Clamato. Waterhouse actually has a, “Ceasar bar,” and that was their drink special. Since everyone else was drinking one, I decided to try one for myself. It was definitely good!

This bar definitely has a lot of room to hang out at. It is also a short walk from the Prince Arthur Hotel, so if I’m ever craving a Ceasar, I’ll have to drop in.

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