Wayland Bar and Grill, Thunder Bay, Ontario

My buddy Ryan always wanted to go to “The Wayland” and see the bands that were playing. Like Black Pirates Pub, they always had good bands playing. Unlike Black Pirates Pub, Wayland Bar and Grill was across town from the Prince Arthur, where I normally stayed.

Normally, Ryan and I would hit up the bars within walking distance of the Prince Arthur, aka pretty much Red River Road. Since I was staying sober that night, I drove and got the chance to go across town and check this bar out.

The bar itself definitely had a sports bar feel to it with a stage for bands to play.

They also had an enclosed outdoor area for smoking, and it also looked like if it was warmer the party would have also been out there.

They also had some pretty decent wifi, so I could let my Dropbox sync up while I enjoyed the music, sipped on a pop, and also got to people watch a bit. Everyone was enjoying the music and having a good time!

Talking about enjoying the music, this band was one of the most flexible bands I have ever seen. They literally went from Simple Minds to Nitty Gritty Dirt Band to Eminem back to Rick Springfield! I’d say they pretty much covered almost every genre you could in the short amount of time I was there to listen to them!

Ryan was right about this bar. It is a really cool place to hang out and the band itself was very good, especially in how easily they switched between genres. This is definitely a place I want to drink at in the future, and I will have to figure out the logistics of getting a sober ride there.

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