Wednesday Weekly: April 11

This edition of the Wednesday Weekly is still in catch up mode. This week I plan to sum up the rest of my Deep South Trip. Next week, I should hopefully have almost all the stuff I did in Texas to the current date.

I will complete the summary of my Deep South trip. It goes over what you have already read for the first few days of the trip, as well as the remaining days. I left you off in Port Charlotte, FL. The next week of that trip will take you to the east coast of Florida and then north to the Carolinas. After the Carolinas, I head back to Austin.

This Wednesday Weekly is going to be heavy for the number of blog entries. There are 25 total. I know it’s a tall order to read every single one, so pick and choose what you feel is most interesting. The day summaries give a good idea of everywhere I went. The individual place blog entries provide a lot more detail.

The following are the blog entries for the week. I hope you enjoy!


Tastes of my Travels (things I tried on my trip that you can also try):

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