Wednesday Weekly: April 25 To Wisconsin to Grocery Shop

This week’s Wednesday Weekly takes you to a much colder place to grocery shop of all things. I’ll be starting a contract job soon, and this was the only time I had a gap to come up north. I wanted to build the Tastes of My Travels page, and this would be the perfect opportunity.

Before leaving, I got tickets to The Book of Mormon. This was for Victoria’s birthday. I’m not a musical sort of guy, but it was funny.

The next day on Wednesday, I drove up to Wisconsin. I stopped at a rest stop north of Kansas City to sleep for the night. I decided to be a cheapskate and avoid tolls. This led my Garmin GPS to think I wanted to avoid civilization. I got a little dirt on the new Focus. I was thinking that going down the alphabet highways was a bad sign, but I never thought it would take me down an unpaved road.

When I got to my parents’, there was still a lot of snow on the ground. This is definitely a huge contrast from Austin.

Friday was my grocery shopping day. I hit up Festival Foods, Pick n’ Save, and Marshfield Mercantile.

Friday night, I saw my brother’s band, Husky Trumpet, perform at the Chestnut Center for the Arts.

On Saturday, I met up with my buddy Jake. We ate at Five-O-One and then hung by his parent’s place for a bit. After that, I cruised around with Nick aka “Rufie.” On Sunday I hung out with another buddy named Jake at Jack’s bar. It was good catching up with him since I hadn’t seen him in years.

By Sunday night and through the day Monday, it was time to process everything I did. I sat around and wrote these blog entries. I got to see a lot of friends on this leg of the trip, and there’s definitely a lot more to see coming up!

The following are all the blog entries for the week:

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