Wednesday Weekly August 29: Putting Away The Cougar and Going Back to Texas

After being in Wisconsin for my buddy’s bachelor party and wedding, it was time to get ready to go back to Texas. The first thing I did was get the Cougar ready for winter storage. That included driving it around enough to burn all the old gas out of it. I then put fresh gas with fuel stabilizer in it. I took out the battery, threw in dryer sheets to ward off the mice, covered the car up, and finally set mouse traps.

In the meantime I visited both of my grandmas. I also went up to the cemetery and visited my grandpa. It’s crazy to think it’s been three years since I had to frantically take that road trip to Wisconsin.

When I went back home, Jordy kept watch.

It was my dad’s birthday, so I stayed for dinner. I then hit the road and watched the sunset.

Later into the night, I came across a driver in Southern Iowa who clearly had too much too drink. They couldn’t even keep their car between the two lanes on the interstate. I called them in and I think they caught on to me and pulled over to let me go. It only took them two attempts to get to the shoulder.

I’m not sure if this person got stopped by the police. I kept driving after they pulled over for me and made it to the Missouri Welcome Center. It was definitely much cooler than Texas, but easy weather to sleep inside the car in.

The next morning was still cool, but I eventually ran into rain when I hit Kansas.

I found some Wisconsin meat and cheese at a travel plaza.

Upon pulling out of that travel plaza my low tire pressure light came on. It didn’t seem like I had a flat so I made it to the next travel plaza and they luckily had some air there. The tire pressure itself was on the borderline of good, so once I filled them up the warning went away.

From there it was pretty much smooth sailing to Texas. I did get caught up in a traffic jam in Fort Worth, but I’ve come to expect that.

I was happy to be in Texas, and the sun was setting by the time I made it to Austin.

Things would be much hotter after returning to Texas. On a trip running errands it was as hot as 104F (40C).

For our Friday lunch date we tried Corner Bakery.

On Saturday, Victoria and I went to First Watch for breakfast.

For supper that night, we attempted to go to Jim’s but there was no service.

We instead went to Wing Stop.

Besides that, it’s back to getting into the normal daily routine. I’ve been working on my 2007 Focus. It’s been more of a challenge than I thought it would be. The car may have been engineered to last a long time, but it’s hard to get to things like the thermostat. The corrosion of being originally a Northern car also adds another challenge. I guess it’s way more of a learning experience for me and luckily I have a garage to work on it in.

Otherwise, I’m touching up my resume to find a steady job and put full time blogging on hold. Don’t worry, I’ll still be traveling as much as I can and continuing the build this blog. Stay tuned and I’m sure you’ll see a lot more adventures coming up!

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