Wednesday Weekly February 20: A Trip to the Fort Worth Stockyards

A while back my friend Felix had reached out to me and asked me if I wanted to hang out. I’ve known him since college and we hadn’t hung out in a while. Actually, I think the last time we hung out in person was in 2010 in Nashville, TN at the PBL (College Future Business Leaders of America\FBLA) National Leadership Conference. He was part of the California delegation and I was there for Wisconsin. How we crossed paths, I can’t remember, but we’ve kept in touch ever since.

Felix told me he was going to visit Forth Worth with his girlfriend Tara. He actually lives in Tampa, FL, so Fort Worth was relatively close this time. He asked if we wanted to hang out. Victoria and I wanted to get out of town anyway, so this was perfect! We’d meet up with Felix and Tara and explore Fort Worth a bit.

Now the temperature has swung like crazy. Last week, it was in the 30’s and sleeting. By Friday, it was 90F (32C)!

As you can see I’m listening to an old episode of Lipstick and Leather. You may have recalled me blogging about CILU and my buddy’s Ryan’s program in Canada. It helps me get through the crazy traffic in Austin.

I picked Victoria up at the apartment and we headed to Fort Worth. We made a stop at Buc-ee’s in Temple along the way.

When we got to the La Quinta in Fort Worth, it was literally half the temperature at 45F (7C)!

By morning, it was down to 35F (2C).

We drove around and checked out the area with a lunch detour at Fuzzy’s Tacos.

With the huge weather swings, Victoria and I weren’t feeling the best. We went back to the hotel to take a nap. We checked out a nature walk area behind the hotel first. It was kind of trashed. The bridge was run down and graffitied up. There was a sign to proceed at our own risk.

After our nap we met up with Felix and Tara. I took my car and we tried find a place to eat near the Fort Worth Stockyards but couldn’t find parking, so we went to El Fenix instead.

The food at El Fenix was excellent! I can see why it’s been around forever. We all decided to drop my car off at the hotel and Uber to the Stockyards this time.

The amount of energy at the Stockyards was amazing! Country music was blasting out of most of the bars. I can see how a wide-eyed cowboy would have come into this place with excitement and a sense of adventure. It was a big country-style party and I was loving the energy!

Our first bar was the Stockyard Saloon.

We then tried going to Basement Bar and Filthy McNasty’s Saloon, but both were too packed.

Our next attempt to go to a bar was Billy Bob’s. Dwight Yoakam had been playing to a sold out show. We could hear him play and he sounded just like he did on the radio. Unfortunately, we couldn’t actually go past the bouncers.

We walked back out and walked around a little more. There was a lot more energy to take in and you could tell this was a more country area when the street vendors were selling BBQ.

We finished the night at White Elephant Saloon. There was a $5 cover, but it was totally worth it to see the band. We stayed there until bar close.

Lyft was our rideshare of choice on the way back to the hotel.

The next morning was sunny.

Victoria and I were still sick from our colds or whatever we caught. Staying out super later didn’t help things so the drive home was kind of interesting. I did have a great time meeting up with Felix and Tara and have a new found love of visiting the Forth Worth Stockyards. I definitely want to make it back there and check out some more places!

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