Wednesday Weekly June 27: 1,600 Miles of Buc-ee’s

Last week was pretty busy. Last Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday I went on a Buc-ee Mania trip and decided to hit up all 33 Buc-ee’s. It was only around 1,600 miles of driving!

On Thursday, Victoria and I went cake tasting for our wedding.

The rest of the time was spent getting organized and writing the blog entries. Between all the different Buc-ee’s locations I took a couple thousand pictures. About 1,100 made them into the blog in over 40 different blog entries.

The Buc-ee’s Mania blog entry goes over the whole trip itself. I separated each location into its own blog entry to show every location in more detail. I also stopped by Surfside Beach and Prasek’s Hillje Smokehouse.

The following is a comprehensive list of blog entries for this week. Feel free to skip around and look at the ones that catch your attention.

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