Wednesday Weekly

Facebook is turning into an over-cluttered mess. It seems like there is a constant stream of information overload that is hard to keep up with. In many ways, Facebook can become the ultimate spam machine. This spam can send you down a rabbit hole of time wasting. Oversharing and privacy issues have pushed people to start the #DeleteFacebook movement.

For this blog, I feel I was contributing to the clutter on Facebook. I made it a goal to share at least one post a day. When I would take massive trips, I’d often share many things in a day to try to keep up. Even with this, I’d fall behind in the timeliness of my postings. I’d often be at least a month behind posting about a place I traveled to.

To reduce the amount of postings on Facebook, I’m introducing my “Wednesday Weekly.” This post will be a summary of everything I have done in the last week. I will try to stay caught up to the previous week of my travels.

If you’ve read this blog for any amount of time, you know the natures of my travel. It’s very impulsive (hence the name). Some Wednesday Weeklies may contain a ton of blog entries when I travel extensively. When I’m sitting around home and not doing much, there may only be a limited amount of posts. In essence, the Wednesday Weekly will be as impulsive as my travels.

On top of my Wednesday Weekly, I will start posting on other social media such as Instagram. The other social media I use will have its own distinct purpose. Instagram will highlight some of the best pictures I am taking and give you a preview of the blog entries to come.

Hopefully, this cuts down on the amount of clutter on Facebook. I don’t want to contribute the constant spam. I also see value in Facebook and don’t see the point of #DeleteFacebook. I would rather #ReduceFacebook to the point where the information that is seen is valuable. My goal is to keep you up to date with my travels without spamming you. Hopefully, my Wednesday Weekly does this.

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