A Weekend in El Paso

When I put my itinerary together for the Texas-Mexico border trip, I realized that I wouldn’t be able to get everything done until the end of Friday. We were also going to start the Microsoft Surface deployment the following Monday, so I was going to hit the road for that. Since El Paso is 9-10 hours from Austin, and there are agents in El Paso on the list to receive Microsoft Surfaces, it made no sense for me to drive back on a Saturday, after already working 55 hours, and then work another 9-10 hours while accruing a bunch more comp time. Then I’d have to turn around on some other week and go to El Paso again for the Surface deployment.

I told my boss we could save 18-20 hours of labor in me driving by just letting me stay in El Paso over the weekend. I would do my border trip, and then El Paso would be the first site on the list to get Surfaces deployed to. Seeing that we’d save a lot of time and money by just letting me stay the weekend, my boss approved me to stay over the weekend.

Now I love coming to El Paso. The culture is laid back and it’s very scenic with the mountains. I also love going to Chico’s Tacos. I actually decided I would hit up every single Chico’s Tacos in El Paso when I was there, but that’s for a separate blog entry.

After working a long day on Friday, I got to sleep right away. The next morning, I decided that I would walk to Juarez and check out the world famous Club Kentucky. It was cool seeing downtown El Paso, as well as venturing into Juarez. I definitely got my exercise doing this.

On Sunday, it was time to catch up on blog entries. I had been neglecting them for a week because I had been working long days. Besides breakfast and 2 trips to Chico’s Tacos, I spent almost the entire day blogging about the previous week.

All in all, it was nice staying in El Paso for the weekend. Sometime I am going to have to come out here with my own vehicle so I can do some more exploring up in the mountains. It would be cool to hit up the Club Kentucky again, but not sure how much further I would want to venture into Juarez. I see there might be some more cable running sort of work coming up, so maybe I’ll actually be here again sooner than later.

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