When it Rains it Pours

This weekend was going to be pretty uneventful. I had a final paper due for my MBA Finance class, as well as I was on call for work. Obviously these two things and travel don’t exactly play well together. I spent most of Saturday finalizing my paper and proofreading it. When I turned the paper in, I started researching for sights to possibly see for my upcoming Wisconsin trip.

As I was surfing the internet and researching the power went out. On Wednesday and Thursday we were supposed to get these supposedly strong storms but all we got were a few sprinkles. On Saturday, I didn’t even know it was supposed to rain. Even if it was supposed to rain, I would have thought the weatherman was crying wolf again. I was also so wrapped up in working on other stuff with my blinds closed and fan going, I didn’t see or hear the storm roll in.

This is what my parent’s call the “plane fan” as it is a high velocity fan that basically is loud and sounds like a plane. It’s the main reason I didn’t even know it was storming outside.

What prompted me to realize it was storming was all of a sudden in the middle of my work the power went out. Now with the power out, I really couldn’t work on anything so I decided to go outside and check things out. It was definitely pouring!

After it had slowed down and the power came back on, I found that there was pea-sized hail was also included with the storm.

After the storm, I went to bed and then came Sunday morning. I received a call stating phones weren’t working properly at work. It ended up the power was out long enough that it knocked the phone server down. I had to run to work and boot it back up. After the server was back up, everything started to work normally. I guess even an on call weekend that I mainly worked on homework and was at home turned out to be eventful!

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