WhichCraft Beer Store, Austin, TX

As I have said in the past, Facebook marketing does work if you target the right audience. Since I’m a proponent of local products and beer is one of the products I like to buy, Which Craft’s ad was perfect. When I saw the ad and realized that they had a bunch of singles and you could make mix and match six packs with, I knew I had to visit. Also, the name of “Which Craft” is definitely very catchy.

I fought traffic and headed to South Austin. The one thing that sucks about the area is parking is extremely limited. The parking lot was full and I had to park a ways down the street. I guess it was good for getting my exercise though!

Which Craft shares a big building with a few other businesses. I walked past them to get to the store.

Being that beer is my drink of choice, I was like a kid in a candy store! For such a little store, there was a huge selection of beer!

I wanted to buy some Austin beers, but making a decision was going to be hard. I opted to let my impulsive nature kick in and picked up a mystery pack of all ATX (Austin) beers.

I lugged my beer back to the car and fought the traffic back home. Judging by the selection here, I have a feeling I’ll be fighting traffic again and getting more beer. There’s nothing better than a place that has a massive selection to make mix and match six packs!

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