White Rock Lake, Dallas, TX

White Rock Lake is a manmade reservoir in Northeast Dallas. It was made from damming White Rock Creek. It has a long storied history to it. It was used for many years as a water source for the City of Dallas. It also served as a recreational area. In some ways a class war between the working class and the upper class broke out. The working class wanted a Coney Island-like place. The upper class was into sailing clubs. Ultimately, there ended up being a bunch of sailing clubs around the area.

The area still serves as a recreational area. There aren’t any swimming areas there, but there are a ton of bike trails. The City of Dallas has even put up a bunch of rental bikes that you can ride the trails on. It is a peaceful area to take in the nature and there is a ton of places to visit along the way.

The day after I did my Dallas Police ride along with my buddy Andy, we decided to check out White Rock Lake. While it was temping to rent a bike and ride it around, we ended up just taking my car to various spots. We ended up seeing a museum that went over the history of the lake. We also saw an art gallery in that museum. We got to see plenty of places along the lake and take in the scenery. The last place we visited was by the dam and now-defunct water pumping plant.

The following are a bunch of pictures I took around the area. This is a good place to explore. I have a feeling that I’ll be back and maybe I’ll take a bike ride around the lake.

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