Whittington’s General Store, Johnson City, TX

When you get out in the rural areas, there’s a certain country charm that comes with it. Many of these areas have small general stores with this country charm to it. Whittington’s General Store in Johnson City is one of these places. Now, I’ve been through Johnson City many times and always wanted to stop there to get some jerky. It was going to be a stop on my 100 mile jerky run, but they were closed that day. I was finally able to stop when they were open.

Now I always thought the store was the following building, but this appears to be their smokehouse. I found this out when I drove up to it and it told me to go next door.

Next door had a lot more character to it.

Walking in, they had a ton of local products like salsas, jams, candles, and of course the jerky I was looking for.

They also had many samples out. I made sure to sample everything. The more I sampled, the harder my decision became to pick out something to buy.

I ended up with some jerky and Victoria got some Texas Trash.

As we were at the register, I noticed a map with a bunch of push pins in it.

It asked where you were from, so I decided to see if someone had put a pin in Marshfield, Wisconsin. I see someone beat me!

It was cool finally being able to get to this store. I see there are a ton of local products, so I will have to come back to start sampling the ones that I can’t find in Austin.

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